High Tide Auto Detailing

Exterior Detail Myrtle Beach

Cars Starting at $200 – Small SUV’s Starting at $250 – Large SUV’s Starting at $300

Please Allow 3-5 Hours For Exterior Detail

Chevrolet Equinox gets a full exterior only detailing at High Tide Auto Detailing and Paint Correction Myrtle Beach


  • Detail includes a one step polish using a high quality dual action polisher.
  • Then a high quality sealant is applied.
  • Great for daily drivers.
  • Hand wash and rinse
  • Forced air and plush fiber dried
  • Clay bar entire vehicle – all contaminates removed
  • Degrease and dress wheel wells
  • Degrease/steam clean all hood, trunk & door jams
  • Remove all road tar, paint & debris
  • Clean wheels
  • Degrease and dress tires (your choice of dressing)
  • Clean all windows inside and out
  • Plastic or rubber trim cleaned and dressed
  • Paint waxed/sealed (plus spray wax to enhance gloss)

Spot panel painting available. Need to see vehicle for pricing estimate.